Upcoming Events


22 January 2020: Wines of Brazil, presented by Nicholas Corfe
26 February 2020: Wines of South Africa, presented by Laura Clay, AWE
25 March 2020: USA, presented by Robbie Rugman
22 April 2020: Italy – the Trentino Alto Adige, presented by Paul Boyle
27 May 2020: Quentin Sadler; topic TBC
24 June 2020: TBC
22 July 2020: Summer Social; details TBC
26 August 2020: TBC
23 September 2020: the natural wines and food of Georgia, presented by Carla Capalbo
28 October 2020: TBC
25 November 2020: TBC
December 2020: Christmas Social,  date TBA

Previous years:
 9 November 2016: Wines of Northern Italy, presented by David Cooper
14 December 2016: Informal social, 7.30pm.
11 January 2017: . ‘What does that wine remind me of?’ presented by John Harris.
February 2017: ‘South Africa – New World, new wines, new quality’, presented by Keith Grainger. 
22 March 2017: ‘The special wines of Southern Italy’, presented by Paul Boyle. 
26 April 2017: ‘A new look at Bordeaux’ presented by Laura Clay AWE.

24 May 2017: Wine plus cheese tasting: ‘How to match wine with great cheeses’ presented by Max Jewell.
28 June 2017:  ‘Regional Spain – beyond Rioja’ presented by Sarah Rowlands (AWE, https//www.wine.diamonds).
26 July 2017: Chairman’s summer tasting and BBQ at Ford Cottage, Burley Road, Brockenhurst
23 August 2017: ‘English Wines – more than just Sparkling’ by Roger Marchbank (Coach House Vineyard) with summer canapes to help the summer mood along!   
27 September 2017: ‘South America – more than big reds’ by Rob Caswell from Solent Cellar, Lymington.   
25 October 2017: ‘Beyond Port – the great still wines of Portugal’ by Caroline Bosworth-Davies AWE  
22 November 2017:  ‘New Zealand – exciting wines and not just Sauvignon Blanc!’, by Brian Davis AWE.   
14 December 2017: Christmas social in St Saviour’s Church Hall, Brockenhurst. 

24 January 2018: ‘The wines of the Northern Rhone’, by Nina Cerullo, AWE.
28 February 2018: ‘Around Tuscany’, Rob Caswell (Solent Cellar).
28 March 2018:  ‘Uniquely Romanian’, by Richard Bost AWE
25 April 2018: ‘A tour of the Loire wines’, by Trevor Elliott, AWE
23 May 2018: ‘Forget Retsina – lovely wines from Greece’s own grapes’, by Christos Ioannou AWE
27 June 2018: ‘Australia: reds with bottle age and classy whites’, by John Harris, BWC
25 July 2018: Summer BBQ and eclectic tasting at Ford Cottage
22 August 2018: ‘Summer Wine Styles from around the World’, by Max Jewell, Priory Wines.
4 September 2018: Visit to Hambledon vineyard including tasting. 
26 September 2018: ‘Wines of Tasmania’, by David Cooper
24 October 2018: ‘Matching wine with Food’, by Nina Cerullo AWE assisted by Maggie Harold
28 November 2018: ‘Wine-making and wines of the Languedoc’, by Catherine Keohane, and Club AGM.
12 December 2018: Christmas social.

23 January 2019: ‘Bordeaux – a new look’, presented by Nina Cerullo AWE

27 February 2019: ‘A Story of Two Grapes’, presented by John Harris
27 March 2019: ‘Hidden Jewels- the wines of Croatia’, presented by Mikki Hall from the Croatian Wine Club
24 April 2019: ‘A Taste of the Southern Rhone’, presented by Heather Dougherty, AWE
22 May 2019:  ‘Wines of Germany’, presented by Rob Caswell, Solent Cellar, Lymington
26 June 2019: ‘Wines of Sicily’, presented by Paul Boyle
24 July 2019: Summer Garden Party.
28 August 2019: ‘Wines of Chile’, presented by Erica Dent DipWSET
25 September 2019: session cancelled
23 October 2019: ‘Classic grape comparisons Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris, and Malbec’, presented by Julien Dillmann, of Corney & Barrow
27 November 2019: Sally Easton, Master of Wine.
11 December 2019: Christmas Social at St Saviour’s Church Hall.