Tasting Notes: ‘Introduction to the Wines of Croatia’, presented by Mikki Hall, Croatian Wine Club, 27 March 2019

Many thinks to Mikki Hall of the Croatian Wine Club for stepping in at short notice to run this tasting. She chose to show wines from the inland areas of Croatia, rather than the coast (other than the Skaramuca). The climate is more continental and the wines less well known. We also wish to thank Mikki for her wine notes, reproduced here. Contact details are at the foot of the page.

2015 Erdut Chardonnay Premium Wine, 12.5%
Made from the well-loved chardonnay grape, the bouquet is dominated by a beautiful. elegant, not too intense but specific aroma of chardonnay. Buttery and full-bodied with a profile of fresh citrus flavours, lemon curd, baked apple and a textural chalky minerality, the wine is light to drink, fruitful whilst retaining the chardonnay flavours. Ripened in oak barrels, contributing to the harmony of colour, tastes and scents of the famous Erdut chardonnay.

2016 Feravino Crasevina, 12%
Refreshing, mild and fruity with pleasant aromas of white blossom, herbs, stone fruits, green apples with some grassy and mineral notes. On the palate mainly crisp citrus. Dry, fresh, clean and zesty. Crisp and lively with fresh acidity, good depth of flavour and a rounded mild bitter finish.

2016 Vina Papak Rajinski Rizling Radosh, 13.5%
Fresh, fruity and at the same time surprisingly complex. Exceptionally fresh wine, which draws its freshness for the high acidity. The opulent aromatic structure typical for Rajinski Rizling has a broad range of aromas: wild rose, peach and pear. The wine has good potential to bottle age which allows it to adopt a typical tertiary character of Riesling, with the scent of Indian herbs, toasted almonds. and of course a note of petrol.

2016 Vina Papak Traminac Radosh, 13.5%
Made from the top quality, handpicked grapes, Traminac Radosh is a brilliant golden yellow colour, full flavoured almost creamy with the scent of old roses and honey. Its aroma is intense yet delicate, aromatic and fruity. Crisp, well-bodied, and balanced, with a slightly bitterish aftertaste characteristic of this wine.

2015 Erdut Merlot Barrique Premium Wine, 12.5%
Erdut Merlot is velvety, intense with a beautiful translucent rich ruby colour, which, with ageing, tends to become garnet along the edge. A harmonious and soft wine which is low in tannins with aromas of black cherries, red berries, spices with hint of plums and oak barrique. When fully matured it achieves the aroma of prunes and blackcurrants. It’s such a pleasure to taste Merlot like this… Pinot style! The merlot is at its best after four years of ripening, but it can sweep you off your feet even when drunk young.

2014 Vina Papak Cabernet Sauvignon/ Cabernet Franc, 12.5%
A dark ruby red colour and an intense scent of red fruits, with pronounced flavours of blackberries and ripe plums. All are further enriched with vanilla notes and dark chocolate. Characteristics of cassis and five-spice with firm tannins in its youth. With age these tannins are softening and starting show more secondary qualities – led by Cabernet Franc – of tobacco, coffee and earthy minerals.It goes well with steak, strong cheeses with desserts, chocolate cake and a cigar.

2017 Vina SKARAMUCA Plavac Mali, 12.5%
Plavac Mali is soft and fruity. You can taste the minerality of the Croatian soil. the aromatic herbs of rosemary and lavender and salts brought by the Adriatic winds. The piquant bouquet is marked by rose, cherry, earth, and hay. The slightest hint of raisin-ness makes this wine intriguing. The tannins are refined, and the wine is incredibly drinkable at a young age. It goes well with red meat, good with fish, seafood and hearty stews.

2015 Feravino Frankovka Miraz, 14.5%
A rich ruby, almost purple in colour, with an intense flavour which is long lasting and clean. A bouquet of vanilla, pepper and dark chocolate. The wine is oak aged and noticeable in the later flavour, a bouquet of fine spice. The tannins are firm and crunchy. Ready to drink young, with good potential for ageing. Ideal companion for cured dried meat and spicy sausage, stews, game, roast lamb, steak and strong cheeses.


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