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Forthcoming Events  

Due to a couple of somewhat unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had to re-jig the 2018 Tastings schedule so please update your diaries. We have, however, organised a list of speakers and wine regions which we hope will excite and inform you and give much vinous pleasure!

  • 28th March tasting – something a little different, my colleague Richard Bost AWE is showing “The Exciting Wines of Romania”. Richard is an expert in wines from Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean and he says that exciting things are going on there, so this should be a very interesting journey.
  • 25th April tasting – a more classical topic this month. Trevor Elliott AWE will be visiting us from his home in Gosport to take us on a whistle-stop tour of the wines of the Loire Valley. With such a range of wines , from Muscadet in the west to the heart of Chateau country around Chinon, this will have something to suit every palate.
  • 23rd May tasting – rearranged. Returning to the Eastern Mediterranean theme, we’re in for a real treat from Christos Ioannou AWE who is an expert on his country’s unique wines. His title is Forget Retsina – lovely wines from Greece’s own grapes” so forget any past holiday experiences with local jug wines! This promises to be an eye-opener!
  • 27th June tasting – my turn, rearranged! This is a tasting I had in mind some while ago – “Australia – reds with bottle age and classy whites” People rarely get the chance to try these magnificent wines at their peak, I love to share them – and we’ll have some delicious whites to balance our palates! If you bring nibbles, I would suggest charcuterie rather than cheese.
  • 25th July tasting – BBQ and eclectic wines at Ford Cottage – details later.
  • 22nd August tasting – to be confirmed
  • 26th September tasting – we have a return visit from David Cooper, my WSET-qualified colleague from Hextable Wine Society, who is going to introduce us to the fine wines of Tasmania. As the coolest and most maritime of the Australian regions, Tasmania is making some superbly balanced whites and reds so this tasting should be another eye-opener.
  • 24th October tasting – You will be pleased to welcome back Nina Cerullo. Many of you have expressed keen interest in food and wine matching and this is one of Nina’s favourite topics. Therefore she is going to present a flight of 8 wines and matching canapes designed to bring out the characteristics of both. This will be a real treat, a bit more expensive to stage than our usual tasting but something we’ve really wanted to do. For BWC members we will make the normal charge (£15) but we will need to charge non-members/guests a little more.
  • 28th November tasting – to be confirmed
  • December party/get-together – date to be confirmed


News and Reviews

As you are aware, Rob Caswell from Solent Cellar stepped in at the last moment to take the February tasting due to my indisposition, and I gather from reports that everyone who made it through the impending bad weather had a good time. I must thank dear Rob again, most warmly, for doing such a sterling job and also for bringing along such an interesting range of wines.

That’s it for now, folks.  John