The Brockenhurst Wine Club is a friendly and fun club, which meets monthly in the Brockenhurst Village Hall. The aim of the Club is to explore a wide range of wines that you may not have come across, in a range of budgets, and learn something about how and where they’re made, as well as getting to know other like minded people.  We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.

The usual format of an evening is a tasting of around 8 wines, with a specific theme (for example: a region or country, or unusual grapes), usually led by an independent wine expert. These people are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and so the sessions combine the fun of trying different wines, with a bit of learning thrown in!

Our meeting dates are given in the ‘Upcoming Events’ page of this site, and write-ups from past sessions are in the ‘Tasting Notes’ page. The monthly newsletters are in the ‘Newsletters’ page. If this smells appealing on the nose, tastes good to you, and you want to prolong the finish, do come along! Bring your own preferred glass (or two) and any nibbles or food you feel might help (cheese and crackers are favoured options), and give it a go! Spitting out is acceptable, but it has to be said, most don’t!

The Club is open to all, and has an annual subscription of £35 for new members (includes 2 tasting glasses), £30 for renewing members, with a session fee of £15. The subscriptions are due in January each year. It’s fine to come along for two or three sessions and see if it works for you, and then we’d ask for your membership subscription. The fees cover the cost of the wine and the presenter, and the small fee for room hire at the Village Hall.

If you want to find out more, please email us at jharris.lydith@btinternet.com or call on 07714 261251 (John Harris). Alternatively, contact the club Secretary Tony Supple (anthony.supple@btinternet.com)